Tonka started his riding career slightly later than usual, never-the-less after a thorough training programme, Tonka has become a very valued member of the team. Tonka had an accident when he was a youngster and sadley had to have his right eye removed. This does not effect him in his everyday life. Tonka helps to show us that any disability can be over come.

Meet Shadow the fancy pants of the Chestnut Stables with his flashy looks and perfect manners.

Meet Clover, the typical Welsh pony who is a great hit with our younger riders.

Meet Trevor he’s a 15hh Irish sports horse, Trevor loves a good groom as well as a carrot.

Zues the x-race horse is as quoted ” Just like riding on a cloud.” which sums up Zues perfectly.

Meet the smallest member of our team, Arthur, perfect for the little people to be around with  his sweet personality.

Meet Sweep, a favourite ride for small adults and children alike.

Meet Ruby, she is the yards school mistress she has also done RDA work and takes good care of all of her jockey’s.

Meet Arty the 16.3hh Hanoverian x TB who enjoys jumping and hacking.

This is Basil the fun 14hh all-rounder who loves his flat-work.